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Water Damage Restoration

A state-of-the-art commercial dehumidifier is crucial in treating water damage.

How Long Should a Dehumidifier Run After a Water Leak?

As a general rule of thumb, commercial dehumidifiers usually take between 24 to 48 hours to dry an area. But this is`with the least amount of damage. Actual operation will still depend on the size of the damaged area, the severity of the contamination, and the type of dehumidifier to use. It is possible to take days to weeks to finish restoration in case of a huge damage.

Once done, you could use a moisture meter to test the effectivity of the drying process. You may do the test several times while the dehumidifier is still in process until it shows a normal reading.

How to Reduce Drying Time When Restoring a Damaged Area?

Use High Volume Fans

Powerful fans are designed to speed up the drying process and help the water to evaporate faster.

Empty the Unit Regularly

Dehumidifiers shut off once they reach capacity. Keep the unit running by emptying the tank regularly. Alternatively, you can connect a hose to drain the water constantly and avoid interruption in the drying process.

Adjust the Relative Humidity Setting

If you are using a household dehumidifier, adjust the relative humidity control to the lowest setting. This will reduce drying time and prevent the unit from shutting down.

Remove Items from the Damaged Area

Wet furniture and personal items will slow the drying time. Move them to another area and dry them separately.

Professional Guide on Water Damage

Restoration and Moisture Damage Removal

Best Practices on Water Removal, Damage Restoration, Remediation, and Safety

Flood damage is one disaster that can strike any home unpredictably, regardless of its elevation. Apart from natural causes, it could also be brought by leaking or burst pipes, sewer line issues, and other unprecedented water intrusions. Without immediate and proper extraction, they can cause a series of issues in your indoor area. It is crucial to have it decontaminated, dehumidified, and dried up so as to prevent the excess moisture in causing long term structural damage and health risks.

There are also laws and regulations that govern water damage restoration to keep homeowners, business owners, and building occupants secured after doing such repair and restoration.

We Provide You with the Best Tools

Here at AlorAir, we take pride in providing the best equipment in this competitive market. With our continuous dedication in research and development, we remain at the forefront of damage restoration, equipping our units with the latest technology possible. Whatever disaster that might disturb your space, you can be assured to overcome it with the array of products we offer: air movers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers. We provide you with the total solution in dealing with such damages: from drying to dehumidifying to clearing harmful contaminants. You would not have to worry about health hazards that might harm your business or family. At AlorAir, you can equip yourself to prevent such disasters from impairing your space, as well as the needs to repair unprecedented ones. We provide what you need at the most convenient price.

Why People Choose Us

Water damage is a tricky problem to solve without the proper tools. Choosing the right dehumidifier will ease the burden of doing so. At AlorAir, our dehumidifiers are proven to be heavy-duty, ergonomically designed for ease of mobility, and built with high-end internal condensate pumps for efficient water removal. In addition to that, we continue to release products with the latest technology developed that enables maximized airflow for an even more effective drying and dehumidification.

Below are our most recommended dehumidifiers for water damage restoration.