Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding, kindly take note of the following references:
AlorAir Solutions, Inc. – us, we, our, ours
Customer – you, your, yours
This page contains the user agreement between you (customer) and us (AlorAir Solutions, Inc.). The representation of our online and affiliate websites, applications, and any other digital tools that are used to provide you with any information on us will be termed “site”.
The following will be tackled accordingly:
I. Customer’s Accountability
II. Company’s Accountability
III. Other Matters


I. Customer’s Accountability
1. Rights
AlorAir Solutions Inc. grants you non-transferrable, non-exclusive, and limited right to access and use our sites including all of its materials and information. You are allowed to download and print any information available in our sites, provided that you comply on utilizing it for personal use only, and not commercial. With such, you are prohibited from modifying or altering anything on our sites. You shall not interrupt any operations or do any harm that might result to unforeseen system damage. Our sites are built with high protection against viruses. However, we cannot guarantee that your use of our sites will not cause any harm to your device. Be aware of any foreign links that are not safe to open. We will not be liable for any damage or loss you may incur from using our sites.

2. Product Charges
You are obliged to provide full payment for an item ordered before being transacted for delivery. Once payment is received and verified, the transaction then becomes a legally binding contract between us.

3. Payment
In paying for your order, we only accept the use of debit or credit cards and PayPal. Prices on our sites already include mandatory fees and applicable taxes.
For customized orders, we will provide you with a detailed report that discusses your order’s cost plan, production and delivery timeline, and the applicable price according to your desired specifications.
The prices of our products may change due to several reasons and we reserve the right to make changes without providing prior notice.

4. Order Verification
To be able to authenticate a transaction and continue its process, you must provide the following with utmost authenticity:

• Full Name
• Contact Number
• Email Address
• Shipping Address
• Payment Information
Above information shall be given with full legitimacy to avoid any problems on proceeding with the transaction.


II. Company’s Accountability
1. User Membership
By creating a user account and subscribing to our newsletters, you will be considered a certified AlorAir Solutions, Inc. member. It will be our obligation to provide you with necessary and latest promotional offers and discounts that only members are eligible to receive. 
2. Content Accuracy
We provide frequent check-ups and updates on our sites to make sure the accuracy of our contents. These include our latest prices, descriptions, promotional materials, exhibit schedules, privacy policy, terms and conditions, relevant current events related to our products, and other marketing materials that are all essential to your browsing and purchasing needs.

3. Availability
Similar to our obligation of keeping our site contents accurate, we also make sure to note any changes in our products’ availability. If your desired product is temporarily unavailable, you may either cancel or change your preference, wait for it, or contact any of our representatives to ask for further information.

4. Order Errors
Our website is built to take and process the information it receives. Information that you give will be objectively processed by our standard system. We are not accountable for any order errors that are caused by incorrect personal, payment, or order information.

5. Delivery Charges and Matters
For your convenience, our product prices already include all necessary fees. This is the standard case unless agreed otherwise for larger projects.
Our obligation is to ensure prompt shipping of your orders. This will require your proper shipping address to avoid complications in the process. As soon as your purchase and payment are verified, your order is ensured to be shipped out from our warehouse within 3 business days and delivered to your address within 10 business days. Any extension on this standard timeline might be caused by unforeseen issues which will be promptly dealt by us as we provide you immediate update. Once the product is delivered, make sure to sign for it and keep your proof of purchase and all necessary information for warranty activation or possible future claims (refund, repair, or replacement). It is also at this time that your order becomes your sole responsibility. We are no longer accountable for any loss or damage beyond this point.


III. Other Matters
1. Ownership and Risk Transfer
As discussed under “delivery,” the liability of incurring loss or damage will be shouldered by you once you receive the item/s. If any damage is done during transit under our carrier, we shall carry the burden and provide you an immediate replacement and updated delivery schedule. But, if you insist on using your own carrier, you are immediately accountable for any loss or damage once your order leaves our warehouse and handed over to your chosen courier.
2. Cancellation
Should you wish to have your order cancelled, please contact any of our representative immediately for proper assistance. You may state to them your cancellation request and they will guide you through the entire process including providing you with your refund. If you happen to cancel your order while it is already in transit, you may still choose to cancel as long as you do not unpack the item. Have your chosen courier send the item back to us safely for inspection. For this, you are obliged to pay for the shipping costs. If deemed safe from any damage, you will receive a full refund within 14 business days. However, if damage is caused from the moment the item was in your and your courier’s possession, you shall be obliged to pay for the corresponding damage cost.

3. When are Consumer Rights Affected?
When your order was verified, but:
• Stock is unavailable
• Your shipping address is out of our reach
• Product prices were not updated
• Your order was not delivered after the standard timeline of 10 business days maximum, and no update was provided by any of our representative, In very rare cases where your order pushed through, but any of the enumerated situations occur, we shall reach out to you immediately for a prompt remediation. 
All the regulations in these terms and conditions are not intended to limit your rights as a consumer. You are entitled to use and express your own rights as mandated by local law, and we are always willing to accept and deal with any concern and inquiry you might have.

Your usage of this site is an acknowledgment of being bound to our private policy and terms and conditions.
We reserve the right to have this section changed or updated as we deemed necessary without prior notice. Therefore, we encourage you to visit this frequently to be informed of any update or changes.
Should you wish to send us any inquiry, complaint, or suggestion, do not hesitate to reach out to any of our representatives via call, email, or online live chat, Monday-Friday, 7AM-4PM (PST).
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1423-341-940 (UK)
1300-654-684 (Australia)
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Governing Law
These terms and conditions and any separate agreements between us shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of United States of America.