Product Warranty

This section will provide you with all necessary information about AlorAir's product warranties. They are applicable to all the company's products: air movers, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers.

Before proceeding, take note that the Warranty is:

· Only supplied to the original buyer and it starts from the date of purchase.
· Non-transferrable
· Only valid if purchased from an authorized seller

Warranty Steps

Here are the steps on how to activate your warranty upon purchasing an item from us:

1. As soon as you receive the product, make sure to fill out a warranty registration form in our website, Warranty Registration. If we are not able to receive a prompt submission of your form, we would have to consider the beginning of your warranty period from the day the unit left our warehouse for shipment. Make sure to keep a record of your serial number and order number as well as the date it was installed for purposes of warranty claims.

2. If the time comes for warranty service, please fill out the Customer's Claim Submission, our representative will contact you soon. You will be asked to provide clear images and explanations as to why the claim is being made. You will also be given proper instructions on how to troubleshoot.

3. If the customer refuses such an option and would rather have the item shipped back for the company's
own inspection, they may choose to do so with these considerations:

· If the unit is less than six (6) months, the company will pay for the shipping costs provided that the warranty claim is valid. Otherwise, customer shall pay.

· If the unit is 6-12 months old from the date of purchase, the customer covers the shipping expense to send the product back to AlorAir facility. The rest will be covered by AlorAir warranty provided that the warranty claim is valid. 
· If the unit is more than a year but less than three years, the customer will pay the shipping costs regardless if the warranty claim is valid or not.
· If the unit is more than three years, the customer may still send the unit back but only for compressor repair. In this case the customer is obliged to pay the shipping cost as well as the labor.

4. After such repair, one of our representatives will reach out to notify the customer so they can make the appropriate arrangements for the unit’s pick-up via courier.

5. After completion of the process, the warranty will continue to run in its original timeline; no extensions or cuts shall be imposed.

Additional Support :

A customer may return their unit purchased and appeal for a refund if the reason for such request is deemed valid. Keep in mind that the process will undergo rigorous investigation and inspection before being approved for a full refund. This should be done no more than 30 days from the date of purchase. If the reason is proved to be valid, the refund process will proceed as the company pays for the shipping costs back and forth.

For units less than three (3) years, inspection is free of charge. A prompt update shall be given to the customer within 72 hours. Remember that for this, it is best to reach out to one of our representatives for proper assistance.

Customer's Responsibilities

1. The customer must take good care of their purchased unit, including proper and regular maintenance.
2. Proper installation and removal of unit is the customer’s responsibility, whether they opt to do it themselves or hire a professional to do so.
3. For easy fixes, the customer may request for replacement parts from the company as long as it is still under their warranty coverage. In this case, the company shall provide the proper assistance and shipping costs. If a replacement is deemed needed outside the warranty’s coverage, they are obliged to buy the parts instead. In any case, they should reach out to any of our representatives for assistance.
4. Any additional damage or loss during the shipping process is under the customer’s accountability.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Keep the item's packaging in case warranty service is required.

Sellers Responsibility:

The company only shoulders replacements and repairs covered within the warranty periods; any additional installation or removal of the purchased unit are not included.

Exclusions from Warranty

This section lists down certain things that are carved out from the customer’s warranty. These are instances where the company is no longer accountable for the unit’s loss or damage.

1.When the customer insists on installing their unit in spa and outdoor pool areas (Indoor pool area is not sanctionable).
2.Acts of nature that include but are not limited to:
· Fire
· Flood
· Hurricane/Storm
3.Accidental or intentional tampering.
4.Improper maintenance causing the purchased unit to malfunction.

Quick Self-repair suggestions

There are some minor problems that can be remedied at home. For this, we have prepared for you a bunch of repair and maintenance videos that will guide you through some common issues you may find. They can be found in our main website, It is also recommendable to reach out to any of our representatives either via call or email for further assistance.