AlorAir Solutions lNC, a California-based company founded in 2012, is committed to innovation.

Today, we have earned the trust and support of over 30 million users and received high praise from more than 600,000 customers.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing air-handling equipment, including commercial dehumidifiers,crawlspace & basement dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, dust collectors, etc.

As an industry leader, we continuously invest in advanced intelligent manufacturing technologies, such as CNC injection molding machines, and a strong R&D team.Our highly skilled engineering department is actively involved inthe development of innovative exterior and interior designs, combining impeccable workmanship, the highest quality materials, and cutting-edge technology to create a final product that meets the highest standards of efficiency, balance, and reliability.

We firmly believe that only by producing the highest quality products in the world can we provide our customers with excellent products and the ultimate user experience, as well as green and low-carbon living.

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AlorAir commercial dehumidifiers have been sold on Amazon since October 2019. In just three years, we have captured 72% of the market share, with an average rating of 4.8 stars and over 65% repurchase rates. We have quickly captured the North American Amazon market for commercial dehumidifiers and basement dehumidifiers.

Dehumidifier Market Rank

Source: Dehumidifier Amazon Northe American Market Brand Analysis, December 2023

AlorAir enjoys a high reputation and holds a leading market share on Amazon's major e-commerce platform.In addition, AlorAir also focuses on other rapid development trends in North America,Europe, and Australia. We are building a global vision of brand expansion and mutiple dimensions of online and offline business models, and striving to provide the greatest value by combining excellent product quality and service.

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USA Headquarter


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For 10 years, we have strived for true perfection, backed by the tireless spirit of our engineers,continuous innovation, and excellent project management.


In March 2023, AlorAir launched two potential products: a compact HD35P dehumidifier for home use and a new generation of dust collectors with 360° all-round visibility. The response to the launch was overwhelming, with many partners expressing a desire for us to expand production to take advantage of the market.


As of October 2022 AlorAir's commercial dehumidifiers and low-floor and basement dehumidifiers had a 72% market share, a 4.8 star average, and a 65%repurchase rate, according to Big Data calculations. We're very proud of our top position!


In October 2021, we accelerated the expansion of our operations centers in the United States.AlorAir has 11 operations centers with over 10w square feet of space. As the AlorAir brand maintains its high growth momentum, the market has reached 300,000 customers in nearly 50 states across the United States, in major shopping malls, hospitals, laboratories, schools, and government agencies - it's clear that we have become the number one commercial and basement dehumidifier provider!


ln June 2021, we introduced the first negative ion dust collector. This innovation significantly improved dust levels in woodworking shops and reduced the risk of respiratory illness. Sales quickly skyrocketed and were highly praised by consumers.


ln October 2020,AlorAir unveiled a new booth design at the AHR Expo in Las Vegas and introduced a number of star products to the industry, including the SLGR dehumidifier with black box technology, the air filtration system with UV-C sterilization technology and the Energy Star "2022 Most Efficient Crawl space & Basement Dehumidifier." Remodelers attending the conference will learn from many AlorAir experts and gain hands-on experience with the products through interactive demonstrations. Throughout the event.Onsite, 35 potential partners expressed their desire to become our partners


AlorAir expanded its California warehouse in May 2021 to meet the company's growing needs. We have recruited more talents, established new maintenance, testing and production lines, and improved the cooperation process of the department system. With all these measures we aim to ensure that we can better serve our customers and provide more efficient and reliable air treatment solutions.


September 2019 was the first time we participated in the annual cleaning, Cand restoration industry exhibition.Thanks to the hard work of AlorAir's sales department, ALORAIR successfully show cased the latest products and technologies at the exhibition, attracting many industry leaders and customers to come and see the experience. Through trade shows around the world, ALORAIR has established relationships with many key partners and opened the door to the last mile for consumers everywhere


ln March 2020,AlorAir followed the market trend and introduced UV-C disinfection lamps to the repair market for the first time, launching the Proand Max series.Each product is available in three colors and offers the perfect solution for allergy sufferers and renovators with high air quality requirements.


ln September 2018,AlorAir withdrew from the rare earth alloy tube evaporator.This innovativefeature extends the life of the coil by providingprotection and maintaining coil heat transfer. This solves a major problem in the industry, namely theleakage of Freon from dehumidifiers.


ln April 2019, we introduced the new SLGR1250X and SLGR850X and 1400x, the latest additions to our highly sought-after s Series lineup.This time,for the first time, we launched a four-color series to meet users' requests for different colors. We have also developed a matching mobile appAlorAir-R, which allows users to control the repair process wirelessly and conveniently via cell phone, making the repair process easier, more convenient and more efficient.


ln October 2016, we introduced the SentinelHD55, a first in the market of dehumidifiers for low buildings and basements. lt quickly became one of the hottest new products on the NorthAmerican Amazon market that year due to it's compact design, excellent performance, andautomatic low -temperature freeze protection techniques.


Our team was full of confidence and quickly launched the HDi90,HDi100 and HDi120 dehumidifiers with different capacities to meet the needs of customers in different areas and environments. What's exciting is that the AlorAir aerody namicsteam also took into account users' demand for energy savings.Each dehumidifier comes with the Energy Star logo, so users can enjoy continuous and efficient dehumidification while reaping the real economic and environmental benefits interms of energy savings and lower energy consumption.


ln October 2012,the AlorAir brand was born in US, aninnovative company focused on the field of water damage restoration. We design and manufacture smart products and accessories adapted to current market needs to offer excellent restoration solutions.


lf you want to make high-quality dehumidification products, the biggest challenge is to limit the ambient temperature to the dehumidification effect.A group of people full of the spirit of discovery, relying on their renthusiasm and courage for the core technology,independently developed the microchannel forrefrigerant with very small particles of O-1. They acquired many patents, called it black box pre-cooling technology, and incorporated it into the SLGR1600x dehumidifier. In the same period, AlorAir also launched a series of LGR dehumidifiers, axial air, and HEPA air scrubbers 550 to meet the needs of the renovation industry.

We're committed to making AlorAir a world-renowned air treatment brand. We provide high-quality products and services to our customers worldwide.


Essentials first, the quality first, system first.


Only make good products, always think innovatively to solve market access problems, and always create outstanding brands in the world.


Always make intelligent products with high personalities and high self-esteem, and become the most respected brand. Create intelligent high-tech Internet production enterprises


on quality enhancement.

Accelerated reduction of moisture temperature

SLGR pre-cooling technology uses a special air-to-air heat exchange system to speed up the process of air approaching its dew point before it passes through the cold coil.

Enhanced dehumidification performance

Micro-channel aluminum condenser generates more condensation and faster heat exchange, resulting in better dehumidification and re-circulation of the best air into your room.

Improved efficiency and energy savings

Condenser dispersion is 50% more effective, heat exchange rate is 30% greater, and refrigerant usage is cut in half. Save your energy and maintenance costs.