About Us

Our Philosophy

As a company, AlorAir was established based on the philosophy of providing the industry with leading features, performance, value and outstanding customer support. To be able to do all this, we have established a state-of-art facility with excellent manufacturing capability. We also have a committed team of associates that supports our esteemed customers during and after-sale.


Our Business Map

In the United States, we have established distribution hubs on the west and east coast, as well as a growing network of distributors across the country. We are also present in Australia, Europe, and Asia.
It is our pride to have grown in this market and actually take a lead especially in the Research and Development department as we continuously discover the latest technology that applies to the betterment of our products. The diversity of people that we have also contributes to the greatness of our daily operation. It is with great pleasure that we are able to harmonize together and provide a productive space for each other. And as we move on with our endeavor, AlorAir will only continue to rise and provide the best in this ever-growing industry.

The Fields We Serve

With the vast array of products that we carry, we are able to serve two markets: restoration and prevention. For restoration, this focuses on spaces where damages have been done. Most of the time, damages are brought by unforeseen flood, hurricane, water main break, and the like. With these types of impairments, we have a number of suitable dehumidifiers that would definitely restore your space and prevent further damage. No matter what your scope of work is, you are assured that our selection will have you picking the right choice for your project. Moreover, our dehumidifiers come in both vertical and horizontal orientations. They are also well-accompanied by some of our other products such as air scrubbers and air movers that ease the work of remediation and drying. On the other hand, we also have dehumidifiers that are suitable for prevention purposes; these mostly pertain to residential spaces (crawl space/basement) or even commercial areas with the same need. They are equipped with top features such as digital control, plug and play components, and an integrated condensate pump. Our units are also lightweight but sturdy, can be remotely controlled, and have a reliable filtration system to keep your space safe from any hazardous components.

Our Patents and Commitments

With much excellency, all our dehumidifiers are CE, SAA, ETL, SGS, TUV, and Energy Star certified. This ensures our customers that our products are designed and tested to guarantee the highest level of performance. This and many more achievements are certain to flow as we continue to achieve great heights in this industry.