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AlorAir's dehumidification solution can ensure the optimal state of product packaging, thereby enhancing customer purchase satisfaction.

When customers enter a supermarket, they expect more than just shopping, but a pleasant experience. They hope to leisurely browse the well-organized and fully classified goods, choose fresh agricultural products, taste delicious frozen food, and at the same time enjoy a neat and orderly shopping environment. For this, supermarket operators only aspire to provide high-quality products. However, achieving this ideal goal is not easy because different products have their own humidity requirements.

In these large supermarket environments, traditional air conditioning systems often cannot meet these diverse needs, which may cause condensation, corrosion, and hygiene problems. Carefully adjusting the temperature and humidity specific climate conditions in each area is crucial for product freshness and customer satisfaction. However, achieving this goal is a challenge.

Here are some key areas in the supermarket that need to be considered and their humidity requirements:

  • Fresh Area: Fresh fruits and vegetables in the fresh area need a moderate humidity environment to keep them fresh and delicious. The relative humidity is about 80%-90% to guarantee freshness and extend the shelf life.
  • Frozen Area: In the frozen area, humidity control is crucial to prevent the formation of ice crystals and food dehydration. In this area, relative humidity should be kept at a lower level, about 30%-40%.
  • Bread and Pastry Area: Bread and pastries need to maintain moderate humidity to prevent them from drying out. For this area, relative humidity should be between 60%-70%.
  • Meat and Seafood Area: In the meat and seafood area, humidity management is crucial to maintain product freshness and prevent bacterial growth. The humidity in this area should be kept at a low to medium level, about 40%-50%.

Give each display area of the supermarket the perfect humidity climate, allowing you to focus on the core operations

As a supermarket manager, you need to focus on solving the humidity control problems in various areas of the supermarket, while also focusing on improving the overall operation strategy of the supermarket. To maintain humidity stability to the maximum extent and prevent expensive goods from being damaged due to humidity problems, a reliable dehumidification solution is necessary.

Is there a powerful and simple solution to solve this problem? This is Alorair's commercial water restoration dehumidifier that I recommend for you. This dehumidifier stands out with its powerful dehumidification performance and excellent portability, and can reduce the humidity in your supermarket from 80% to the ideal 50% within 10 minutes. As you walk down the aisle, you will feel the freshness of the air and the goods will be more attractive. People will praise your supermarket, and this comfortable shopping environment makes people more willing to spend here.

Below are the featured features of AlorAir's commercial dehumidifiers, which can help you compare with other brands' products. In fact, AlorAir commercial dehumidifiers have been used in thousands of supermarkets and have received very positive feedback. They told us that since they used AlorAir's dehumidifiers, their sales volume has actually doubled, and even doubled in some places.

Here's an overview of the benefits of using dehumidifiers in pools:

Rich models to meet the budget needs of every supermarket operator

Rotomolded shell, heavy-duty structure, durable.

SLGR pre-cooling technology takes dehumidification performance to a new level

WI-FI control program allows you to easily grasp the humidity in the space.

Powerful condensate pump can easily cope with complex indoor drainage needs

Automatic defrost system can provide the most efficient performance at low temperatures

MERV-8 filters can prevent the formation of harmful condensates.

Highly maneuverable and can be easily transported to the designated task location

Which model your supermarket needs? Ask the alorair expert service team.

Alorair's expert service team is always ready to assist you in device selection and capacity calculation. Whether it's sales or after-sales, they are your first choice of contact.

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