Basement Dehumidification

As a place for our daily activities, the basement should be a healthy and pleasant environment, because of its high humidity throughout the year, it's a daunting task to control the humidity in our basement, which not only helps protect the items inside, but also for the health of you and your family.

Why is Controlling of Humidity Important in a Basement?

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Excess moisture is known to attract unwanted organisms such as mold and fungi which harm surfaces and belongings. These are very common in basements where high humidity is prevalent. They are also normally cooler than other parts of a house, so air is not able to hold much moisture which then leads to unsought spreading around. It is important to control this so as to prevent harm in your belongings, loved ones, and even in the basement area itself. Listed below are some of the common negative effects that are brought by uncontrolled humidity/too much moisture in a basement.

Warped flooring
Insect, termite, and rodent infestations
Musty odors
Damp walls
Short-circuiting of appliances
Skin, respiratory related diseases

A very effective way to avoid all of these is to have a reliable dehumidifier. Several samples that we could recommend are our Sentinel series of dehumidifiers, as well as our Storm series. They all have the capability of keeping your basement dry and safe from harmful occurrences brought by excess moisture.

Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier

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There are numerous benefits in using a dehumidifier. It is an added assurance if you opt to choose from our array of dehumidifiers at AlorAir as we take pride in offering only top-tiered units anyone can find in the market. Listed below are some of the common benefits of having a dehumidifier can provide you:

· Health: Using a dehumidifier can assure you of a safe air circulation at home. You need not worry of microscopic particles that could unknowingly affect you and your family’s health.

· Comfort: It is one thing to see your home clean, but to actually inhale the cleanliness in the air is a much more appreciating experience.

· Conducive Living Space: It is important to every family to consider a house their home. Keeping your air clean with the right humidity level will help you to maintain a habitable space, especially if you have children or elderlies around.

· Energy Savings: Our dehumidifiers are equipped with a reliable sensor that only turns on when necessary. This prevents short-cycling and unnecessary consumption of electricity.

It is very clear how much a dehumidifier can benefit a home. It is a steady and proven way to maintain a favorable living space that anyone can have the pleasure of dwelling in. Our company gives importance to small but crucial parts of our customers’ daily lives. This includes coming home from a full day of work to a house you can consider a sanctuary to regain strength and carry away stress.

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Tips in Maintaining a Conducive Atmosphere at Home

Besides having a reliable dehumidifier, there are also some other helpful tips in keeping a well- ventilated and well-dehumidified atmosphere at home, especially in your basement. See the list below to know more about them:

· Proper Channel for Drainage: Having a proper channel for drainage keeps your indoor space safe from heavy rain to seep through your foundation. Make sure to keep your channels sturdy and durable to do its purpose.

· Surface Encapsulation: Another helpful way to keep excess moisture from ruining your basement is by attaching a rigid foam insulation of about 1.5 inches to cover the walls and flooring.

· Plastic Covering of Floor: It is also an option to cover your floor with plastic. It is a similar way to encapsulate your space to especially cover unwanted cracks or holes that might be passage ways for excess moisture.

· Use of an Electric Fan: In an enclosed space where proper ventilation is not naturally present, such as basements, you can provide an air circulation using other appliances, such as an electric fan. This would provide proper and steady aeration that would also assist the purpose of your dehumidifier.

· Maintaining Cleanliness: This is true to any space in your home. Cleaning your basement regularly would let you clear out unnecessary debris, change wet insulations or plastic covers, and even rodent infestations. This would avoid further damage to your basement.

· Use of a Wet/Dry Vacuum: This is a handy tool to have if you want to suck out spilled liquid in surfaces. Most of them are a simple plug and use tool that are very straightforward to utilize.

· Use of a Push Broom: In some cases where it is more applicable to push away water, it is also a good option to use a push broom. It can be used on its own or in most cases, they are used to reach the water from far areas which you can collect with a vacuum afterwards.

These are all advantageous tips in keeping your basement clean. Remember, they are most effective when done alongside the use of a reliable dehumidifier which you can surely find from our vast selection here at AlorAir.