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How to deal with water damage promptly and effectively

With the hot raining summer season coming, coastal cities are more prone to be affected by tornados or typhoons. Post-disaster restoration thus become a very key step for people to take to tackle the remediation and restoration problems.
Water Damage Restoration is the process of restoring a property and structure back to pre-Loss condition after encountering any level of water damage.
One of the most important considerations when your living space or office gets flooded is to get all the water out as soon as possible to prevent the onset of mold. It takes just 24 hours for mold to start growing. Thus, 24 to 48 hours is the key period for you to not only completely finish the cleaning up process, but also you should be aware that there still may be mold issues. The essential solution is to take actions with mixed restoration appliances to do deep drying work.
AlorAir's Mixed Restoration Appliances for Water Damage
Restoration Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Air Scrubbers & More
When your property or building has suffered from flooding or water damage, it’s important to prevent further damage with mold and mildew growth which can affect your health and strike your commercial Property . Finding the best solution can be complicated and confusing for the inexperienced, However now AlorAir has developed multiple Restoration Packages to help you recovery fast.
Restoration Dehumidifiers
A Restoration dehumidifier is key equipment for drying and restoring the environment after water damage, as Flood Damage restoration is usually a daunting job, so the dehumidifier must be durable, heavy- duty, rugged and built to handle the rigors of nearly any situation. The Renegade dehumidifier series is designed to handle all of the harshest environments and assist with proper restoration. These dehumidifiers quickly and efficiently extract water, dry floor and walls, and curb harmful mold growth, the dehumidifiers feature large wheels for easy transport and large COP ensures more effective drying for large area coverage.
Air Scrubbers: 
Air movers are vital pieces of drying equipment for water damage situations, as they promote the fast drying of surfaces such as floors and carpets. They also provide air circulation within the indoor environment. AlorAir's Restoration Packages include air movers ranging from compact models to larger units. 
About Packaging Sale
There are several pieces of water restoration equipment need to complete the job properly, our special restoration packages has been designed by our experts, they will help make sure your restoration is complete quickly and efficiently. Each packaging sale includes dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Air Scrubbers and relative items, the dehumidifier removes the moisture from the air, while the air scrubber and air movers accelerates the process by circulating the airflow throughout the damage area.
Industrial Mixed Packaging:
As different restoration project requires, our industrial mix packs offer a cost-effective option to get all the equipment you need for your projects. the packs is consists of different combinations of dehumidifiers and air movers, making it easy to customize your order meets the task asked.
Wholesale Packages:
As you may run the business of Water Damage Restoration, we can now offer you with various combination of dehumidifiers and Air movers in the best price, for your money saved and keep higher profit.
Buy the package and save Money:
> Restoration Package 1 Includes:
 1× AlorAir Dehumidifier-Renegade 125  
 5 × AlorAir Air Mover 550 
> Restoration Package 2 Includes:
 1× AlorAir Dehumidifier-Renegade 90 
 10 × AlorAir Air Mover 550 
Package 1, is ideal for drying out an average sized living room area, whilst package 2 can be used for larger area, packages 2 also includes 
With extraction rate of up to 125 Pint per day, you can be confident that your problem will be resolved quickly.
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