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Why choosing an air scrubber

Why choosing an Air Scrubber
According to United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), the air inside your home can be a hundred times polluted than outdoor air due to cooking smog, pets body odor, dust mite infestation, volatile organic compound, those source of pollution in daily activities.
While most Americans spend at least 60% of time at home. That’s a bad news for allergy and asthma sufferers if the indoor air quality is kept polluted.
Air Scrubber Functions:
► Air Cleaning Function
Air scrubber with advanced purification technology, makes cleaning surfaces, eliminating abhorrent odors, and decreasing harmful contaminants in the air quite easy by just turning on the device.
►Air Freshening Function
Air scrubber can not only freshen the air in your home, it also reduces strong odors by naturally reducing the particles which can make those disgusting odor staying in the space. So stop scrubbing dirty surfaces with toxic chemicals only next time.
►Air Purifying Function
Air scrubber actively handle the polluted air by continually sending out scrubbers throughout your home to obviously decrease pollution sources like chemicals, contaminants, mildew, odors,  in the air.
Benefits from Air Scrubber:
► It features flexible and ground-breaking purification technology by AlorAir. Smoke and odor in cabinet is quickly neutralized in just five seconds when the air scrubber is turned on. Unlike conventional air purifiers, the air scrubber kills the air and surface contaminates up to 99.9% degree.
► It clears air and surfaces contaminate very effectively and fast which is much better than any other purifier devices. Best of all, the air scrubber can be installed directly in centralized heating system eliminating the need of air purifier. 
► Asthma sufferers can improve their noticeably improved by eliminating the bacteria and contaminates in the air.
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